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Kyneton Visitor Information Centre
(03) 5422 6110

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Other Services
Frews Abatoirs  Edgecombe Rd Kyneton ph 54226222
Hardwicks Kyneton Knight Crt Kyneton ph 54220400
Accountants and Financial Advisors
BTP Business Advisors 10 Jennings St Kyneton ph 54221588
John R Flint 96 Mollison St Kyneton m 0414747026
David J Gibney 10 Baynton St Kyneton ph 54226480
Keena Jordan & Associates Pty Ltd 161 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54221966
Adrian Plowman & Associates 8 Hutton St Kyneton ph 54222622
KMA Tax and Accounting 43B High Street Kyneton ph 54223178
Tax accounting, Small Business Advice, Farm & tax, SMF
Estate Planning, BAS, Bookkeepong

SGK Business Management 3/48-50 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54226511
Teletronics Service Centre 222 Murphy's Rd Kyneton m 0438823121
Andre Garcia 68 Baynton St Kyneton ph 54222492
Damian Summers 57 Baynton St Kyneton ph 54223084
Marcus Ward ph 54235254
Martin Evans 14 Market St Kyneton ph 0418509134
Banks and Credit Unions
ANZ 34 High St Kyneton ph 54227308
Bendigo Bank 89/91 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54223400
Commonwealth Bank 106 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54222822
National Australia BanK (NAB) 111 Mollison St Kyneton ph 132265
Regional One Credit Union (mecu) 104 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54223000
Westpac (inside Collins Newsagency) 95 Mollison St Kyneton ph 132032
Bus Companies
Dysons 22 Bourke St Kyneton ph 54221634
Organs 32 Yaldwyn St West Kyneton ph 54221788
Donegan Transport Service 55 Edgecombe Rd Kyneton ph 54223338
Walkers Transport Central Vic Pty Ltd 5-7 Johnston Crt Kyneton ph 54221446
Kyneton Citilink Carriers ph 54264797
Furry Friends Boarding Cattery Edgecombe Rd Kyneton  ph 54226307
Kyneton Cattery 210 Trio Rd Kyneton ph 54226265
Malmsbury Cattery 40 Breakneck Rd Malmsbury ph 54232536
ABC Childcare Centre 30 Mair St Kyneton ph 54223552
Cobaw Community Health Family Daycare 47 High St Kyneton ph 54211666
Kyneton Community & Learning Centre 34 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54223433
Occasional and pre-kinder childcare
Childrens Play Centres
Bug A Lugs Indoor Play Centre & Café 1/3 Hoyle Crt Kyneton pn 54222767
Clothing Alterations
Kyneton Drycleaners 56 High St Kyneton ph 54221503
Computer Supplies & Repairs
Kyneton Computers 30 Welsh St Kyneton ph 54227000
Miltons Computers mobile service ph 0419226032
Kyneton Copy Centre 152 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54222400
Dance Classes
Starz Dance Centre Kyneton ph 0458333761
Steps Kyneton ph 54222776
Dog Clipping & Grooming
Donna's K9 Clips 57 Jennings St Kyneton ph 54222407
The Barkershop 166B Mollison Street Kyneton ph 54222614
Door Hardware Manufacturer
Gainsborough Hardware Ind Pty Ltd 5 Johnston Crt Kyneton ph 54222955
Driving Schools
All Conditions Driving School Kyneton ph 54226738
Bumper to Bumper Driving School 35 Lauriston St Kyneton m 0424884450
Prolearn Driving School 10 Tattersall Drive Kyneton ph 54223888
Dry Cleaning
Kyneton Drycleaners 56 High St Kyneton ph 54221503
DVD & Video Hire
Family Videoland 21 High St Kyneton ph 54222929
IGA Supermarket 60-62 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54223881
Employment Agencies
CVGT Employment & Training Specialists 12 high St Kyneton ph 54226422
Sureway Employment & Training 84 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54223694
Lerch Small Engines 5 Johnston Crt Kyneton ph 54221112
Equestrian Centres
Spring Hill Equestrian Centre Springhill Rd Spring Hill ph 54248570
Sunbury Lodge Equestrian Centre 1248 Metcalfe Rd Kyneton ph 54223313
Equipment & Party Hire
Kyneton Hire Service 8-12 Beauchamp St Kyneton ph 54222311
GG Farriers (also barefoot trimmer) 26 Wolfe Rd Kyneton ph 54222616
Firewood Supplies
Edgecombe Rd Firewood & Bobcat Service m 0425705177
Mirrorwood Redgum Beauchamp St Kyneton ph 54239358
Murray River Redgum ph 54237103
Fitness Centres
Ecclipse Family Fitness Kyneton Gym cnr Jennings & Ebden Sts Kyneton ph 54221922
Kyneton Fitness Centre 4 Victoria St Kyneton ph 54211477
Funeral Celebrants
Gayle Ford (Civil Celebrant) ph 54226814
Funeral Directors
TJ Scott & Son 5 Piper St Kyneton ph 54226455
Garage Construction
Central Victorian Sheds 8 Hoyle Crt Kyneton ph 54221734
Gas Cylinders (Domestic & BBQ)
Carlsruhe Roadhouse BP Cobb & Co Rd Carlsruhe ph 54221848
Domestic & BBQ
Home Hardware 42 Beauchamp St Kyneton ph 54226211
Domestic & BBQ
Kleenheat Gas 20 Bourke St Kyneton ph 54221422
Domestic & BBQ
Kyneton BP 55 High St Kyneton ph 54221622
Kyneton Caltex (Woolworths) 58 High St Kyneton ph 54223714
Kuppers Mineral Springs Shell Burton Av Kyneton ph 54221216
Origin Energy Gas 134 High St Kyneton ph 54227408
Domestic &BBQ
Tylden General Store 36 Trentham Rd Tylden ph 54248286
Domestic & BBQ
Simplex Insurance 96 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54223333
Commercial and Domestic Insurance Brokers
Interior Decorators
Icon Interiors 8A Bourke St Kyneton ph 1300764151
Klassik Elegance Interiors 80-82 Mollison St Kyneton ph 0409157857
Macedon Ranges Interiors 61 Piper St Kyneton ph 54221211
Justices of the Peace

Bruce McGregor QSJM JP

34 Morris Lane, Pipers Creek ph 5423 5226
Carl Neilson 98 Wedge St Kyneton ph 54222978
Frank White 771 Sidonia Rd Sidonia ph 54237243
Key Cutting
Turner Bros Timber & Hardware 51 High St Kyneton ph 54221533
Kyneton Laundromat - Currently Closed 49 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54221741
Kyneton Laundry & Nappy Service 49 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54221741
Legal Practices
Armstrong, Collins & DeLacy 143c Mollison St Kyneton ph 54221677
Kyneton Business Lawyers 163 Mollison St Kyneton m 0419895639
Ken Faulkner 178 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54222888
Palmer, Stevens, Rennick 8 Jennings St Kyneton ph 54226500
Stella Stuthridge & Associates 163 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54440906
Livestock Transport
Bloomfield Livestock Transport 45 Park St Trentham m 0427590304
Coliban Transport Co Pty Ltd Knight Crt Kyneton m 0427401249
Absolute Locksmiths Kyneton Drummomnd ph 54241515
Marriage Celebrants
Dave MacMunn 8 Pohlmann St Kyneton ph 54227284
Alan Stone Edgecombe Rd Kyneton ph 54221807
Metal Recycling
Macedon Ranges Recycling 5-7 Johnston Ct Kyneton ph 54222535
Music Tuition
InstrAmental Music 33 High St Kyneton ph 54221083
Olive Oil Producers
Kyneton Olive Oil 2090 Kyneton-Heathcote Rd Barfold m 0419191192
Robert Groom 29 Begg St Kyneton m 0416043976
Country Lane Photography 1793 Kyneton-Trentham Rd Kyneton ph 54222772

Peter Ryan Photography

374 Lauriston Reservoir Rd Kyneton m 0409 444321
Picture Framing
Framesmiths 24 High St Kyneton ph 54222404
ElliottPrint 3 Market St Kyneton ph 54221488
Tait's Printing 2 Hoyle Crt Kyneton ph 54222055
Kyneton Copy Centre 152 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54222400
Real Estate Agents
Connally's Real Estate 165 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54222377
RT Edgar 55 Mollison St Kyneton m 0408571880
McColl Property 16 Piper St Kyneton ph 54222617
PRD Jens Gaunt 2 High St Kyneton ph 54222127
Raine & Horne 13 High St Kyneton ph 54222678
Elders 120 Piper St Kyneton ph 54221233
Landmark Dwyer 140 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54221122
Kyneton Removals and Storage 26 Powlett St Kyneton ph 54222587
Self Storage
Kyneton Mini Storage Redesdale Rd Kyneton ph 54222587
Kyneton Self Storage Redesdale Rd Kyneton ph 54222286
Macedon Ranges Self Storage Hoyle Crt Kyneton ph 54223488
Septic Tank Cleaning Contractors
Roses Liquid Waste Kyneton ph 54222350
Sims Liquid Waste Kyneton ph 54222952
Septic Tank Suppliers
A & R Bone Plumbing 128 Black Hill Rd Kyneton ph 54222320
Col McKimmie 36 Parkes Drive Kyneton 54222241
Shed Constuction
Central Victorian Sheds 8 Hoyle Crt Kyneton ph 54221734
Shoe Repairs
Kyneton Drycleaners 56 High St Kyneton ph 54221503
Marx Signs 40 Jennings St Kyneton ph 54222279
Flynn Silver Flynns Lane Kyneton ph 54226868
Steel Fabricators
PRP Engineering 153 Edgecombe Rd Kyneton ph 54222873
Stock Agents
Elders 140 Piper St Kyneton ph 54221233
Landmark-Dwyer 140 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54221122
McGrath-Rodwell 79 Piper St Kyneton ph 54221980
Stockfeed and other Supplements
Performance Feeds Pty Ltd 90 Redesdale Rd Kyneton ph 54221844
Jon Hooppell Shearing 300 Central Rd Kyneton ph 54248551
Tin Shed Tatoos & Body Piercing 16 New St Kyneton m 0418371133
Taxi Service
Kyneton Taxi Service ph 54221634
Trainers - Racehorses
Neil Dyer 107 West Beauchamp St Kyneton ph 54223732
Travel Agents
Jetset Kyneton 20 High St Kyneton ph 54221777
Midland Travel and Cruise 29 High St Kyneton ph 54108006
Trophies & Engraving
Just for you Graphics Deep Lead Lane Kyneton m 0413334473
Tylden Trophies Kyneton-Trentham Rd Tylden ph 54248443
Kyneton Veterinary Clinic 142 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54221310
Kyneton Veterinary Hospital 67 High St Kyneton ph 54221099
Kyneton Station Mollison St Kyneton ph 54221959
Water Bore Contactors
Tanners Drilling & Marine Pty Ltd 189 Mollison St Kyneton ph 54222065
Water Carriers
Gillis Water Kyneton ph 54221329
Water - Spring Water
Daylesford Region Spring Water Woodend Road TYLDEN ph 54248303
Spring Water bottles and delivers 15 litre bottles of spring water. Cooler rent or purchase.
Water Tank Suppliers
Central Victorian Sheds 8 Hoyle Crt Kyneton ph 54221734
Kyneton Plumbing Service & Supplies cr Mollison St  & Johnston Ct Kyneton ph 54221381
Midland Irrigation 55a Edgecombe Rd Kyneton ph 54220000
JE Phillipson & Son 14 Bourke St Kyneton ph 54222028
Pritchard & Dettmann cr Edgecombe & Saleyards Rds Kynet ph 54223796
Website Design
Country Lane Photography Tylden-Trentham Rd Kyneton ph 54222772
Wool Buyers
AAA WoolBuyers Pty Ltd 9 Lauriston Reservoir Rd Kyneton ph 54227547
Tradeswool Country Wool Buyers 1 Saleyards Rd Kyneton ph 54222810